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Do you punch in learning English today?

www.ijjnews.com    晋江新闻网 2018-06-12 17:50
The training scene of English training class.

  This newspaper news with the Gymnasiade entering into the "Jinjiang time", many Jinjiang people set off a craze for learning English spontaneously. There are many people punch in learning English in the friend circle of WeChat. At the same time, Jinjiang Gymnasiade preparatory group also started the training of English volunteers, and set up Association for International Exchange of Personnel ,well prepared for the upcoming Gymnasiade in the international language docking.

Punch in learning English.

  Wangli who comes from Liaoning province has been in Jinjiang for many years. She has deeply realized the importance of English in her children's school and leisure activities. Now, She insisted on learning English with fragmentary time every day.

  She advocates learning to use in practice and doing some research as well. For example, "hello folks" is a more authentic and intimate expression than "hello guys". Over the past six months, Wangli has punched in two English learning Apps. She could also teach her children interesting knowledge while recharging. At the same time, she led many friends around to punch in lea bb6 rning English, which made her feel a sense of achievement, because the atmosphere of learning English was getting stronger and stronger.

  "As an ordinary citizen, you don't have to learn much, but basic communication can give foreign friends a good impression of the city." Wangli said "This time, we need to get together and better interpret Jinjiang."

  " In the preparation process, we recognize that our own English level still have a long way to go, Jinjiang Association for International Exchange of Personnel emerges at the historic moment, stimulates the citizens friends to study together by the activities, integrates with internationalization." said Chenling, deputy director of the foreign affairs bureau of overseas Chinese and Taiwan, Jinjiang.

  Jinjiang Association for International Exchange of Personnel consists of nearly 100 foreign language lovers, most of them are English lovers. At present, the association vigorously promotes the "three language peer" (mandarin, English, and hokkien) program, and regularly carries out international exchanges external, holding "English corner" exchanges three times a week.

  "Wuliqiao park, Huatai community, Yuntai book house… We invite foreign friends to join us, and the three languages are communicated through interaction." Shaocong Xie, deputy secretary general of the Jinjiang Association for International Exchange of Personnel said, and the members of the association have contributed to many international exchange activities, such as the Jinjiang shoes (sports) expo, and have been widely praised by international friends.

  In march of this year, Jinjiang Association for International Exchange of Personnel organized two consecutive foreign language and foreign affairs trainings, to help students to master English pronunciation, intonation, English conversation, and the basic skills of English speech, improve the ability of English communication and foreign affairs reception. There were nearly 300 students participating in it.

  Which moved Shaocong Xie, the head teacher of the training class, most is to see the students to overcome all difficulties to learn English, and to cherish every minute of learning. Every student nearly studies over night to achieve the requirements, and also practice oral English early in the morning.

  "With Jinjiang speeding up the pace of internationalization, the increasing demand of foreign exchange, we hope that through training, select the talents which can be used for jinjiang, meet the demand of big events." Chenling said.


  本期执行:刘泽宇 李玲玲 董瑞婷 陈巧玲 张华玲

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